as a partner for regulating global migration flows

When the Partner Atlas was developed, Morocco was chosen as the fifth country in the region Middle East and North Africa. Due to the diplomatic differences between Morocco and Germany that suddenly emerged in the spring of 2021, it is difficult to predict how cooperation in areas such as migration, energy and regional development will proceed in the future. Please visit the country office’s website ( as well as our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter (@KasMaroc), YouTube and Instagram for up-to-date information on ongoing cooperation projects.

Last update: July 21st, 2021


  • Population: 36,930,188
  • Capital: Rabat
  • Interest: Regulating Global Migration Flows
  • Region: The Middle East and North Africa
  • Potential partner countries: Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco

01 — Foreign Office


Foreign Office Morocco
N. 24 Angle Av. Abdelkrim Benjelloun et Rue Mly. Yaacoub B.P. 559 Hassan-Rabat
10010 Rabat

03 — The region

Naher Osten und Nordafrika



In recent years, Morocco has become an important partner for Germany with respect to migration issues. On the one hand, the Kingdom has assumed a special role within the African Union (AU) and the international community; on the other hand, it is itself one of the countries where migration is taking place in varying ways. In February 2019, Morocco presented a new migration policy for Africa at the AU and focused on the prospect of development through migration. The new policy places particular emphasis on the fact that migration is not a security problem, and that there is, in the first instance, a need to combat the causes of migration and fleeing refugees.

  • Population: 36,930,188
  • Capital: Rabat